Five Important Guidelines to Keep In Mind about Workers Compensation in Birmingham, AL

The purpose of workers’ compensation insurance is to be a safety net for employees who incur medical bills or missed pay due to an on-the-job injury. However, an injury at your place of work doesn’t automatically entitle you to workers’ compensation benefits. If you fail to adhere to the following guidelines, you may find that you have trouble getting the money you need to make up for expenses and missed days of work.

No Mischief at Work

Your injury cannot be due to your own frivolous behavior. You should be sober, alert, and following the rules at all times. You won’t be compensated if you get injured doing something you weren’t supposed to be doing.

Report All Injuries

Report every single illness or injury to your supervisor or human resources department. Fill out a report and follow given instructions for getting medical attention. Once you have reported your injury, you should be contacted by an insurance claims adjuster. If not, contact your employer to inquire about it.

Go Where You’re Directed

Go wherever your employer directs you to when seeking medical attention. If you choose not to visit the doctor or hospital that your employers directs you to, it’s possible for your workers’ compensation claim to be denied.

Tell the Doctor and Record All Injuries

Tell the doctor that you’ve been hurt on the job, and indicate this on all paperwork that you fill out during your visits to a medical professional for this injury. Your medical records should indicate all parts of your body that sustained injury. If something doesn’t show up, you won’t receive compensation for it.

No-Fault Insurance

As long as you’re not attempting to cheat the system, you are generally covered even when an accident might be your fault. This includes things like a butcher shop worker cutting off his finger with a knife or an employee slipping on freshly washed floors.

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