Four Tips for Answering Social Security Disability Portsmouth Questions

When you’re applying for Social Security Disability Portsmouth benefits, the whole process can be nerve wracking. Going in for interviews, filling out paperwork and waiting for a decision to be made can be rather frustrating and draining. But if you answer the questions correctly and follow the proper steps, you can get your benefits quicker. Here are some tips for answering the questions you are asked during the process for the best results.

Be Honest and Truthful

When you are being interviewed by a Social Security Disability Portsmouth representative, it’s important to answer all of the questions honestly and truthfully. Never answer a question with the phrase, “I don’t know.” You should answer every question with a yes or no answer if the question warrants it. If you aren’t sure or if you are answering for someone who is unable to answer, say “To the best of my knowledge” followed by a yes or a no. Social Security Disability representatives rarely ever accept an “I don’t know” or something vague as an answer to an interview question. Also, falsifying information is a crime and you could be required to repay any benefits you received as a result of your fraudulent application.

Be Thorough with Your Answers

It’s never a good idea to try to exaggerate your medical condition when you are being interviewed by a Social Security representative. You should explain your disability thoroughly without embellishing or trying to downplay your condition. Neither strategy is going to be beneficial to your case. What is beneficial is being straightforward and honest.

Bring Your Paperwork and Documentation

Before you go to an interview or hearing for your Social Security benefits, be sure to bring your paperwork with you. This is important in case you ever need to look up some important dates or refer to your notes to find out about something you discussed with someone else. If you are representing someone, it’s also important to have their paperwork in case you need to refer to it during the questions.

Fill Out the Questionnaire

In addition to being interviewed in order to receive Social Security Disability benefits, you will also need to fill out a questionnaire. This will typically consist of your work history, personal questions and other information that will help determine if you will receive benefits or not. Some questionnaires can take upwards of an hour while others many only take 15 minutes.