Getting Compensation after a Tractor Trailer Accident in Covington

by | Jul 23, 2014 | Lawyers & Law Firms

Every motorist expects that at some point they will encounter an accident of another type of incident. This is the reason all types of vehicles are normally insured. However, when the accident happens, you will need to have good evidence that it was not a result of your own negligence to get the insurer to pay for the repairs for the damages done, or at least help you get a new vehicle. Here are some tips on what to do immediately after a Tractor Trailer Accident in Covington.

Hire a personal injury lawyer

The most competent injury lawyer to deal with this type of case is a car accident attorney. Hiring them as soon as the accident has happened will mean that they will work with you in building a case that will help you get compensation in case hitches arise in the process. They will also help you avoid the pitfalls that prevent people from getting the full compensation they deserve from their insurance coverage:

* They will go through all the documents that the insurers hand you about the accident to ensure they aren’t waivers that could be used to stop you from claiming compensation.

* They will help calculate the damage and compare it to the coverage that you have to establish how much money you are supposed to get as compensation.

Approach the insurer

Your next step will be approaching the insurer with the claim. They will probably make you fill out some forms. Make sure that you consult a lawyer about anything that you don’t understand in the forms to avoid mistakes that could cost you money. After you have filled the claim forms, you have to attach as much evidence as you can get to support the damages that you have suffered. This will include the damages caused to the vehicle, medical expenses and other financial losses that you have suffered because of the accident. The lawyer will help you attach all the right documents.

In case the insurer has a problem with your claim, they will set up a settlement hearing. Your lawyer will handle the negotiations and argue out your case. Hiring a lawyer after a tractor trailer accident in Covington will help you get the compensation you deserve in no time.

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