Hire a Child Support Attorney to Represent You

by | Nov 27, 2014 | Attorney

When you are a custodial parent for your kids and you are unable to collect payments of child support, there are options available to you. Before you get discouraged about how you are going to feed your children, set up a consultation appointment with a Child Support Attorney. This will give you the chance to sit down and talk with an attorney about your financial situation. Of course, before your attorney can help you he is going to need some type of legal document stating how much money you are supposed to be collecting. Usually, this is a divorce decree.

Sometimes, there is a question as to who the biological father is. If this is the case, your attorney can help you get started with getting a paternity test. This way, there should be no reason why you shouldn’t be able to collect child support. Once it has been determined whether or not this is the father, his wages can be garnished if necessary. In other cases, he may end up having to go to jail until he is willing to pay his child support. Either way, your children should never have to go without just because they have a deadbeat dad.

Even if you don’t think that you are entitled to child support for whatever reason, it doesn’t hurt to talk with someone who can advise you. Your Child Support Attorney will help you to know which steps to take so that you can hopefully start collecting right away. If you have the name and address for the employer of your former spouse, this is something that will be beneficial for your lawyer. He can help you to get monthly payments withheld from his pay-check. This way, he won’t have any say as to whether or not his child support is paid.

Being a single parent can be very discouraging. Never allow a lack of finances to stand in the way. Instead, hire an attorney who can help you to get through this so that you can get the money that you are legally entitled to. This is money that your children need to live a comfortable life. Get in touch with us for more details.

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