Hire a Lawyer Familiar with Divorce Dispute in Stroudsburg, PA for the Best Results

by | Jul 9, 2018 | Lawyers & Law Firms

Divorces are an especially difficult process for those involved, and they often involve hurt feelings and highly emotional situations. To ensure that these cases go as well as possible and don’t drag on for longer than necessary, help from lawyers who specialize in divorce dispute in Stroudsburg, PA is essential. These lawyers will work to come to agreements on child support, custody and financial matters on behalf of their clients. This makes it more likely for the cases to end fairly and without unneeded drama.

Child Support and Custody

When it comes to divorces that involve children, the proceedings can be especially difficult and be upsetting for everyone involved. Both parents may be fighting for custody, whether it be full or partial, or one parent may be trying to prove that the other is unfit and shouldn’t receive visitation at all. In addition, child support payments may be ordered from one parent to another to help with childcare related expenses, medical costs, food, lodging, clothing and more. It is important to have a lawyer to help make sure that these payments are correctly determined, as well as to ensure that custody is awarded fairly.

Divison of Assets

One of the most contentious parts of any divorce is the division of assets accrued during the marriage. Both parties will need to determine what they feel they are entitled to regarding real estate property, assets, stocks, money and more, and then they will have to come to an agreement between them as to who gets what. This process almost always requires legal help for both parties to represent their interests and keep the proceedings civil. In cases where a prenuptial agreement was signed, this process may be less complicated to determine, but it will still require the assistance of a lawyer familiar with divorce dispute in Stroudsburg, PA.

When a marriage comes to an end, both parties need divorce lawyers to ensure that the process is fair and quick. Without a lawyer to represent them, it is unlikely that either side will be happy with the outcome or be able to come to any agreements at all. Divorce lawyers will help in matters of asset division, child custody, alimony, child support and more. Schedule an appointment today for help during an upcoming divorce.

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