Hire the Bell Law Office if Accused of a Property Crime

by | Apr 10, 2014 | Lawyers

Property crimes are those involving the destruction or theft of another person’s property. While they are usually misdemeanors, damaging or stealing valuable items can result in felony charges. No matter the severity of your property crime, you should hire an attorney with the Bell Law Office to defend you in court.

Types of Property Crimes

Theft is a common property crime, but there are many other examples, such as:

Criminal property damage




Defacing public artwork

Breaking and entering

In many cases, property crimes are committed in conjunction with other criminal acts. For example, many assaults involve items damaged during the course of the ensuing altercation.

Legal Defenses to Property Crimes

If you stand accused of a property crime, your attorney will form your defense based on the circumstances and the nature of your case. Common defenses to property crimes can include:

Coercion-;It may be an adequate defense if the suspect had to damage or steal property because of fear of death, harm or serious injury.

Necessity-;In some cases, a lawyer can argue that their client had to damage or destroy property to escape a dangerous situation such as a fire.

Simple mistake-;For a person to be found guilty of theft, criminal intent must be proven. If a suspect took an item under the mistaken assumption that it belonged to them, there may be a legal defense.

As stated previously, a property crime’s defense depends on the laws of the state and the circumstances of the individual case. Your lawyer can help you come up with a defense that will reduce your chances of severe fines and jail time.

Should you Hire an Attorney if you are Accused of a Property Crime?

To form a solid defense against a property crime, an attorney will need a thorough knowledge of state criminal laws. If you are accused of a property crime, you should consider hiring a lawyer to represent you in court and help you through the complex legal process. A skilled attorney with the Bell Law Office will know which defenses apply to your case, and how best to use them. Click here for more information.


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