Hiring A Construction Accidents Lawyer In Rockland County, NY

A Construction Accidents Lawyer in Rockland County, NY presents workers who were injured while performing construction-based work duties that did not receive worker’s compensation benefits. In these cases, it is necessary to provide evidence of the accident that dictates that the worker was injured at work and not due to any fault of their own. This implies that the worker was following all safety standards for construction workers when the injuries were sustained.

Construction Accidents and Fault

In an accident on a construction site, it is necessary to investigate all angles to ensure that the worker did not fail to comply with safety regulations at the time of the accident. This is the key to proving fault in a personal injury case and to determine whether the worker was eligible for worker’s compensation benefits. Compliance with safety regulations is a strong factor in these cases and may require evidence indicating that there were not any failures on the construction worker’s part and that unforeseen circumstances led to the accident. The attorney representing you will review these factors in your case to make a distinction.

Local Accident Attorney

Rockland Injury Lawyers offer assistance with worker’s compensation claims for construction workers. They are familiar with the hazards that these workers face daily and understand the safety standards that are required when performing job duties. The attorneys will evaluate your worker’s compensation claim to determine whether or not you were following these safety standards to prevent the opposition from discovering a loophole and avoid a payout. To discuss your case with an attorney contact this law firm locally


Your Construction Accidents Lawyer in Rockland County, NY provides you with effective legal representation in worker’s compensation claims. With the construction industry it is necessary to review the exact sequence of events that led to the injury as this dictates whether the worker followed safety guidelines or not. It also determines whether he or she is eligible for worker’s compensation due to fault. The lawyer must prove that the construction worker did not cause his or her own injuries due to failure to comply with safety guidelines.