Hiring A Skilled Discrimination Lawyer Of Houston

A Skilled Discrimination Lawyer of Houston represents the interests of clients who were discriminated against by an employer. Discrimination applies to gender, orientation, age, race, and religion. It is unlawful to pass over an employee or job candidate who possesses the required job skills and experience based on these concepts. Any employer who refuses a promotion or advancement based on these attributes is breaking the law. If you are the victim of discrimination, contact Filteau and Sullivan, Attorneys at Law today.

Discrimination is Illegal

Do not allow your employer get away with discriminating against you. Regardless of what he or she may tell you, they cannot refuse to promote you based on his or her own personal beliefs. These beliefs center around your gender, race, or religion. It does not matter if the job is, for example, usually filled by a man, your employer is required to provide you with this opportunity if your job skills and experience match that of the job requirements.

Local Discrimination Lawyer

Law Offices of Filteau and Sullivan provide you with legal defense against discrimination. These attorneys will review your claim and assist you in compiling credible evidence to support it. The attorneys also represent clients who were wrongfully terminated or harassed due to discrimination-based concepts. They can provide you with a clear legal claim against your employer based on these concepts and initiate the litigation process to afford you with compensation and prevent further discrimination. If you need a discrimination attorney contact this law firm today by visiting website.


Your Skilled Discrimination Lawyer of Houston presents you with a solid claim against the employer who discriminated against you. Employment laws exist today that prevent employers or prospective employers from refusing to hire or promote an employee based on their gender, age, race, orientation, or religious beliefs. It is unlawful for any employer to hire or promote employees based on their own beliefs or opinions. It is also illegal to refuse to hire anyone who possesses the correct experience or skills set due to these concepts. To hire an attorney to file a discrimination claim, contact Filteau and Sullivan.