Hiring A Social Security Attorney In Orange County, NY

by | Oct 31, 2013 | Lawyers

A Social Security Attorney in Orange County, NY handles cases where disabled individuals were denied benefits by the Social Security Administration. These cases may relate to lack of evidence or a blatant injustice. Attorneys that practice within this legal field assist these individuals in securing a method to financially support themselves and their families.

Fighting for Social Security Disability Benefits

In most cases, the SSA will deny any initial application for disability benefits. This is the case when the applicant does not provide in-depth evidence to back up their claim. It is an often misconceived notion that this agency will request medical records in all cases for further evaluation. For most disability claims, the agency will schedule appointments with their doctors who are not always familiar with the listed disability or how it affects the applicant’s life.

When your selected attorney files a claim, he or she will request copies of all medical files that relate to your condition. This includes all doctors who treated you, including the doctor who rendered the first diagnosis. These details will present the judge with a starting date for when your disability occurred and details that show how it may have worsened over the years.

Local Disability Attorney

William D. McGillicuddy offers legal representation for the disabled. He presents the facts to the judge and advocates your rights to benefits. He shares with the judge the events that led up to your disability if it is associated with an accident. This attorney will present the details as depicted in your medical records to the court to secure an approval in your case. If you would like to schedule a consultation with this attorney, you should contact him directly at his local office.


A Social Security Attorney in Orange County, NY presents you with a strong appeal to present in court and empowers you to fight back. Through diligence these attorneys battle in court with the SSA to ensure that you receive the disability benefits that you require. It is through careful evaluation of the facts and detailed documentation that these attorneys present viable information to the judge and advocate your rights as a disabled individual.


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