Hiring a Social Security Benefits Lawyer: The Right Thing to Do

by | Aug 13, 2020 | Lawyer

The world of Social Security Disability is a confusing place for most people. You’re already worried about your financial future and the fact that you can’t work, but now you have to fill out exhausting forms and wait impatiently to hear back from the SSA. Most people do all that work only to be denied, which means filing appeals or wondering what to do next. Hiring a social security benefits lawyer in San Francisco CA is an excellent choice because they can help you through the process.

Whether you filed initially and got denied or want help filling out the initial paperwork, they can help you.

Faster Approval (Sometimes)

Just because you hire an attorney doesn’t mean everything is going to go perfectly. You may still get the initial claim denied and may have to go through the appeals process multiple times. However, many times, the SSA takes more time to review your case and give a favorable outcome when they know an attorney is present. Just don’t be surprised if the process does take longer; you still have a better chance of winning your benefits when you hire a lawyer.

Correct Drafting

Attorneys will never lie to get you compensation, which is a good thing. You know that your case is being handled correctly and that no legal ramifications will come because something wasn’t done right. However, they do know how to draft the case to show your condition falling under a pre-determined list of impairments approved for benefits. However, they won’t lie or falsify information to showcase your condition that way.

If you want to hire a social security benefits lawyer in San Francisco CA, consider getting a free consultation from Patrick J Kelly Law Office.

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