Hiring a Workers Comp Lawyer In Chesapeake

by | Oct 28, 2013 | Lawyers

Most people do not pursue worker’s compensation cases just because they feel like it. Typically, if you are pursuing a worker’s compensation case it is because you need the money. For that reason it would be a very wise decision to hire a Workers Comp Lawyer In Chesapeake to help you through the process. Even if you have been to court before, worker’s compensation cases can be tricky.

If a commercial or industrial business has more than three employees, they are required by law to have worker’s compensation insurance. The purpose of this insurance is to pay compensation in the event that a worker gets injured while at work. Naturally, the worker must be doing their job properly and they must not be under the influence of any substances in order to be entitled to the compensation. The purpose of this compensation is to pay for any medical expenses that resulted due to the injury or just to help with bills while you are recovering and unable to work. If you are injured while you are working you have to prove that you were injured in order to actually receive the financial compensation. Fortunately, a Workers Comp Lawyer In Chesapeake can help you through the entire process.

When you get injured while working, you need to inform your boss in the form of a written notice as soon as possible. The written notice needs to be given to your boss within 30 days of the injury, however the sooner you write it and turn it in the better. You actually have two years to file a claim for the worker’s compensation. After those two years as passed, you are no longer entitled to any compensation. It is suggested that you file the claim as soon as possible to justify your needs for the compensation.

It is very rare that an employee does not receive worker’s compensation if they are injured at work regardless of how the injury happened. As long as you were not doing something seriously wrong or under the influence of anything that impaired your ability to work, you would be entitled to compensation. You have to think of a worker’s compensation lawyer as a security blanket to make sure you get what is really yours.

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