Hiring A Workers Compensation Attorney In Suffolk County, NY To Handle Your Case

by | Oct 30, 2013 | Lawyers & Law Firms

If you require a Workers Compensation Attorney in Suffolk County, NY, you should consider hiring Gilbert, Blaszcyk, and Milburn to handle your case. These attorneys are available to provide legal representation for victims who have suffered an injury or contracted a fatal disease due to dangerous working environments. They advocate the rights of the victims and enable them to file a claim against the insurance companies or their employer to seek compensation for these occurrences.

Evaluating a Work-related Injury

The first task for a Workers Compensation Attorney in Suffolk County, NY is to evaluate the documentation that details the injury. It is within the fine details that he or she will build this case. It is urgent that the attorney carefully documents these details within the worker’s compensation claim. To fight an insurance provider in court, this attorney needs to construct a strong case to present before the judge.

Constructing Your Claim

Your selected attorney compiles the gathered details for you to construct your claim. He or she will additionally secure any witnesses who saw your accident occur to back up this documentation. You may need a second medical opinion to determine whether the treatment center that provided medical attention diagnosed your injuries accurately. Additional evidence may provide you with sufficient evidence to prevent further denial of these benefits.

Presenting the Case

In the event that the insurance company does not settle out of court, your attorney will schedule a hearing before the judge. Through the litigation process, he or she may acquire benefits for you based on the judge’s ruling. This will require that your attorney file a lawsuit against the party that is responsible for your injuries. Your attorney will prepare you for this process before your scheduled court date to review the facts in your case.


A Workers Compensation Attorney in Suffolk County, NY provides guidance throughout the claim’s process. Within this process, it is important to pinpoint how the injury occurred and the circumstances that surround these events. Through a persistent evaluation of the facts, your preferred attorney will determine the course of these events and ensure that they are present in your claim.

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