Hiring An Attorney Can Help The Disabled Apply For Benefits

by | Jul 13, 2015 | Lawyers & Law Firms

Statistically, well over 65 percent of all first applications for Social Security disability benefits are denied. Although there is a defined appeals process even at that about 85 percent are once again denied benefits at the first level of appeal which is a request for reconsideration.

When an application for benefits is denied there are three levels of appeal available; as noted the first level is to request that the decision be reconsidered, the second level is to elevate the appeal by requesting a hearing and finally a request can be made for the Appeals Council to review the application. Every stage of the process becomes more complex and difficult; this is why many disabled applicants hire an SSI disability lawyer in Chicago to assist them. A seasoned legal professional can help gather and present sufficient evidence to the Social Security Administration that you are physically or mentally disabled and it meets the criteria established by the SSA. The attorney that you engage can get opinions from medical practitioners other than your doctor to substantiate your claim as well as prove that you have been religiously following the recommendations of your doctor.

Although an attorney can be engaged from the outset the truth is that even then many first time applications are denied. If the request for reconsideration fails then it is necessary to request a hearing which is held in the presence of an administrative law judge. It is when the appeal gets to this stage that an SSI disability lawyer in Chicago can become very instrumental in helping overturn the decision and see that you win your claim. No attorney of course can ever guarantee that you will eventually be awarded your benefits but an experienced attorney that deals with Social Security cases can certainly guarantee that your case will be built accurately and that all the supporting documentation, test results and other information will be properly put forward to the administrative law judge.

Developing the case:

Although the Social Security Administration provides considerable information to claimants, the truth is that most claimants, having no experience, do not really know what is to accompany the application and how to prepare for a hearing. An SSI disability lawyer in Chicago on the other hand is intimate with the process and knows the rules that apply and the procedures to follow.

Your attorney will be working on contingency, this means that the attorney will only paid if you win your case; as a result they work extraordinarily hard to present your case in such a manner that it has an excellent chance at success. Although it is possible to win a claim on their own, the truth is the odds of winning are far less than when you hire an attorney well versed in the system.

If you are disabled, either physically or mentally you may be able to collect Social Security benefits. Your chances of success are better when you hire a SSI disability lawyer in Chicago to assist with the application and appeal. You are invited to discuss your case with Spector & Lenz, P.C. For more info, browse the site spectorandlenz.com.

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