How a Child Custody Attorney Bainbridge Island WA Can Help

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Who gets the kids? This issue is one that is either agreed upon by both parents or battled over in a court of law when getting divorced in Bainbridge Island, Washington. It is seldom an issue that has any middle ground. Child custody is also sometimes questioned if situations change or the lives of the minor children come into question any time after the divorce. Regardless of the child custody issue that you face, a Child Custody Attorney in Bainbridge Island WA will be able to help you find a solution. What can a lawyer do in child custody cases?

1) Listen to your plight – The first thing a good lawyer does is listen to you. Active listening gives them the information they need before they start making recommendations.

2) Provide you with information – A lawyer will explain the laws involving this process and explain any risks when you fight for custody. If a case gets serious enough and the parents refuse to come to a solution, the courts will step in and make that decision for you. Some cases may even end in the children going to foster care which is rare, but it can happen.

3) Fight for your rights – If your lawyer thinks fighting for custody is in the best interest of the children, he or she will help you fight for your rights for their well-being. The best interest of the children is how all family court systems determine who gets the minor child(ren) when there is a dispute. It would not be in anyone’s best interest to fight against that rule.

4) Negotiate with the opposing attorney – Whenever possible, lawyers keep these things out of the court system. This is not because they want to prevent the court from ruling on the case, but to relieve the already heavy case burden of the family law court system. Whenever two lawyers can come to a solution that is satisfactory to the parents, it is a good thing for all concerned.

If you are getting divorced and there are minor children from your marriage, it is wise to seek legal representation. Even if you think your divorce will be settled without any hassles, a lawyer will be your support system in case something does happen. Child Custody Attorney Bainbridge Island WA, Lindsay Olsen PLLC, offers free consultations for family law cases including divorce and child custody.

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