How a Construction Accident Lawyer in Hempstead NY Can Help After Tragedy Strikes

by | Dec 15, 2015 | Lawyers

Construction sites can be a dangerous place. While most companies put safe guards in place to prevent injury, there are times when that fail and a member of the general public sustains some type of debilitating injury. When this happens, it is important to find a Construction Accident Lawyer Hempstead NY who can help ensure the person who was the victim of carelessness gets the restitution they are due to. Most companies will attempt to settle for a small amount, but an attorney can provide expert advice to ensure the injured party has what is needed to put their life back together. Here are just a few of the many ways they can assist when tragedy strikes.Accident Site InvestigationThe first step in the process is to gather the information necessary to prove that the construction company is at fault for the injury. This can include gathering sworn statements from witnesses and summoning for any security camera footage that may have recorded the incident.

Not having the information needed to prove a case can lead to lost money and cause the person to not get the support and restitution they are due to. Out of Court SettlementsA Construction Accident Lawyer Hempstead NY can also help by dealing with any insurance companies that may attempt to settle the case outside of court. Going to trial can create bad press for a company, so many choose to settle matters without involving the court system to help keep an incident quiet. An attorney will speak on behalf of the injured person and be able to negotiate the final settlement amount.

Court FilingsIf an issue cannot be settled outside of court, the proper documentation will have to be filed with the court system to ensure a smooth trial. An attorney can help by preparing all of the documentation and ensure it is submitted to the proper department in a timely manner. A form that is not filled out properly or submitted by a deadline can cause a case to be thrown out. Avoid this by only trusting a professional to complete all of the required fillings. Don’t attempt to navigate the tricky waters of a personal injury claim without expert legal advice. The team at the Law Office of Steven R. Smith will provide top quality representation and fight to get the injured person the money they are due to. Browse website today or call to learn more.

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