How a Jones Act Attorney Can Help You Fight For Your Rights

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Attorney

Though jobs at sea are physically challenging, they can also make for rewarding, profitable career paths. However, there are many dangers associated with maritime work that often lead to severe injury and death. In order to fully protect yourself and your family from facing significant financial losses due to accidents, negligence and equipment defects, you need a highly qualified Jones Act Attorney in Houston to represent you and defend your rights. Here are some of the ways a Jones Act attorney can help you when you suffer an injury on the job.

When You Are Out at Sea

If you work on a vessel, you are covered under the Jones Act regardless of your position or title. However, the Jones Act requires solid proof of negligence by vessel personnel or proof of defective gear upon the vessel in order to fully enforce your rights. It is relatively easy to provide evidence of defective gear, but it is usually challenging to prove negligence. Your Jones Act attorney in Houston can help you prove that the vessel owners or other personnel were negligent in their actions and did not provide a safe working environment for you.

Your attorney can also exercise your rights if you work on a rig, platform, or artificial island within federal waters on the Outer Continental Shelf. Fixed rigs and platforms within state waters fall under state jurisdiction. Essentially, if you are out to sea performing work for an employer, your injuries and death are covered under certain federal or state maritime statues.

When You Suffer Offshore Injuries

Your Jones Act Attorney in Houston can also protect you when you disembark and perform work offshore. For example, if you fall while walking on a slippery deck, suffer an injury from pulling or lifting work or fall overboard even when the ship is docked at the harbor, an attorney can defend your case and protect your rights as a maritime worker.

When Your Families Deserve Compensation

If a maritime event results in unfortunate death, your attorney can act on your behalf to represent your family’s rights. Federal regulations such as the Death on the High Seas Act, Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act and Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act protect your family and entitle them to compensation from your employer.

Why risk suffering financial loss on top of the emotional stress caused by maritime accidents? Hire a Jones Act attorney in Houston to help you develop a strong case, file a claim and receive the compensation you deserve.

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