How a Social Security Disability Attorney in Columbus IN Helps You Claim Benefits

Social Security Disability Insurance is a financial safety net that is offered by the federal government to those who are unable to work for at least a year. Eligibility for SSDI consists of having worked a certain amount of quarters and having proper documentation to prove the need for financial assistance. It’s a form of Social Security, and is available to those who are under the retirement age. But it is not easy to get into the program as claims are closely scrutinized. All it takes to be denied is one small mistake. It’s this reason alone that makes retaining a Social Security Disability in Columbus IN a good idea.

The website for SSDI makes it seem like it’s easy to claim benefits, and all that is required is a small amount of proof. The reality is much different, and for someone who has never dealt with Social Security before, it can become a nightmare. Employees will readily reject a claim over nothing, even though the applicant thought that everything was in place. Making matters worse is the fact that the applicant now has to appeal the denial in order to get benefits while trying to make a living in the meantime. This is where a Social Security Disability in Columbus IN can provide assistance.

A lawyer has filed applications for SSDI on behalf of clients many times over. He is familiar with how the local office operates, and what employees look for. This knowledge is invaluable for someone who is unable to work enough to pay the bills. It increases the chances that the application will be approved on the first submission which in turn starts the benefits. In the event that the claim is denied, the lawyer will appeal it on behalf of the client.

During the appeal process, the lawyer finds where the problem happened, fixes it, and requests to go before the appeals board. It’s not unheard of for an appeal to go through a few sessions before approval is granted, but the lawyer is there for each and every hearing. The lawyer won’t give up until the client gets the benefits they need to survive.

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