How an Attorney Can Help TBI Patients

by | Jun 7, 2013 | Lawyers & Law Firms

For patients who have suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, your main focus is usually treatment for your injury. Many patients don’t understand that a personal injury attorney Brooklyn NY can help you as you deal with your injury and other issues related to the injury. If you are dealing with a TBI, a Personal Injury Attorney Brooklyn NY can help you in several ways.

To get the most important assistance that a brain injury can provide  helping you to recover financially. Many times, victims of a TBI are entitled to payment of their medical expenses. This includes doctor visits and other outpatient treatment, hospital stays and emergency room visits, and even physical therapy or occupational therapy appointments. Many TBIs are treated through medicine; you’ll be entitled to compensation for the cost of your medication as well.

Another area in which your attorney can assist you is recovering compensation for lost income. If you miss work or school due to your injury or anything related to your injury, such as medical care, you may be entitled to compensation. This depends upon several factors, including the law in your area. Your attorney can determine if you are entitled to compensation and then recover these funds for you.

Finally, you may be entitled to compensation for what is commonly called “pain and suffering.” Again, this is determined by the laws in your area, and your attorney is the best source of information on this topic. While it is possible to settle out of court with the responsible party, most cases do go through the court system for a settlement. Your attorney will handle all of the paperwork and scheduling and represent you in court, taking a huge burden off of your shoulders.

Many attorneys don’t charge you a fee until you recover financial compensation for your injuries. In addition, most attorneys offer a free initial consultation so you can determine if you have a case and if so, how to proceed. If you are dealing with a TBI, it is important to contact a Personal Injury Attorney Brooklyn NY right away to get started on your case. The sooner you take care of the legal and financial aspects of your situation, the faster you can focus on healing.


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