How an IRS Tax Problem Attorney Can Save You Money

When it comes to the IRS and paying taxes things can become very complicated very quickly. This is one of the reasons that it is a good idea to work with an IRS tax problem attorney as early as possible when a situation arises that has to do with taxation you feel is undeserved. There are many different areas of tax law that an IRS tax problem attorney can provide assistance with for those that are facing them and the expertise that a good IRS tax problem attorney can give may be the difference in paying thousands of dollars to the government or having it available to spend as you please.

One of the main ways that an IRS tax problem attorney can help save you money is in the appeals of assessments and penalties. The IRS issues many penalties every year and every year there are people who are unfairly assessed penalties. Many people do not understand how to fight these taxes and end up paying much more than they need to on a yearly basis. An IRS tax problem attorney can help citizens work through the penalties that they have been assessed to insure that they are legitimate and fight those that they do not deserve to pay.

Another way that an IRS tax problem attorney can help individuals and businesses alike is in the case of a sensitive or problematic tax audit. It is best to work with someone who understands tax law even if you feel that you have nothing to hide. Going about the process in the correct manner will yield the highest chance that you are able to pass the audit and continue your business as usual. The expertise provided by an IRS tax problem attorney can help organize your financial statements in order to meet the needs of the audit.

An IRS tax problem attorney can also be of assistance in a criminal investigation. If there is a criminal investigation involving your finances or taxes it is best to find the right representation even if you are completely innocent. The right IRS tax problem attorney can help insure that justice is carried out and that you are not assessed any unfair penalties or other negative outcomes.

Jeffrey L. Cohen, Attorney at Law is dedicated to helping those who are looking for legal representation by an IRS tax problem attorney as well as those seeking legal counsel in other areas.

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