How Bail Bonds Cleburne TX Work

by | May 24, 2013 | Bonds

Bail is a service that permits the release of a defendant in trade for money. The court holds on to this money until all the trials and court proceedings involving the accused individual are resolved. It is expected that the defendant will present themselves for their court date to recover the Bail Bonds Cleburne TX.

Trials and court processes can be a drawn out processes. Bail exists so that a potentially innocent person does not have to wait in jail until their trail starts. Incarcerating an innocent person while they wait for their trail to start could cause them considerable financial difficulty as they would be unable to work. They would also be held away from their normal daily lives which could include their families and friends. Bail allows the defendant to resume their lives while they wait for their court processes.

Bail is usually set in a bail hearing which is presided over by a judge. The amount of the bail set depends on the crime and the judge’s discretion. Some states and jurisdictions have set bail amounts. A defendant’s criminal record may be used to determine bail. Ties to their local community and whether or not the defendant is considered dangerous to others may also be used to determine bail. After a bail amount has been set, the defendant can seek out a bail bond. Bail bonds can be used to cover any amount of bail but it is generally used when the defendant cannot afford the bail amount that has been set. A bail bondsman can work with the defendant and their friends or family to issue a bail bond that basically states that the bail agent will cover the bail if the defendant does not appear in court as scheduled. The bail bondsman is covered by a special type of insurance. As payment for their service, bail agents charge a premium and usually collect some sort of collateral.

Many people associate bail bond agents as unsavory characters. After all, they associate with criminals all day, right? But it really is just a business. The agents are covered by a license and should have proper identification proving their credentials. There are federal laws to cover how bail procedure works. State laws will vary but they are also in place to protect borrowers and the bond agents. You can find more information on bail bond agents through the American Bail Coalition.

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