How Bailbond in Charlotte Works With Local Courts

Anyone who has ever been arrested is familiar with the bail bond process, but the average citizen has no idea what role bail plays in the court system. In fact, experts such as Chad Lewis Bail Bonding are often the first calls that the accused individuals make. That is because these professionals offer 24/7 Bailbond in Charlotte and guide clients through various legal steps. They also help them remain free until their court dates.

Bond Agents Are Customer-Friendly

Professionals who offer Bailbond in Charlotte understand that their clients will be upset and that many will also be confused and worried. As a result, bond agents are nonjudgmental and compassionate. They are available 24/7 so defendants or their families can reach them quickly. Most bondsmen go to jails to visit clients, and they may also make house calls. They explain to clients that judges typically set bond amounts that must be paid in order to guarantee they will appear in court when they should. Since most defendants cannot come up with the entire bond, agents will pay it for them and charge a fee for their services.

Bail Bonds Companies Simplify Payment

It is typical for bond agents to charge about 10% of the amount of bond. That means that if a judge sets bond at $10,000.00, the client needs to pay $1,000 for an agent to write a bond. When the accused does not have enough cash, bail companies sometimes accept collateral, like car or boat titles. Agents may also offer payment plans. Once the bail fees are paid, the accused are released until their court dates.

Agents Ensure Clients Appear in Court

When an agent writes a Bailbond in Charlotte, they are liable for the entire amount of the bond if their client does not appear in court. As a result, they have the right to apprehend a client who has not met their legal requirements. Once clients do appear, agents are reimbursed for the entire amount they put up.

The bail bond industry is important to the legal system because it allows defendants to remain free until they have to appear in court. Anyone who is arrested can reach an agent 24/7. Bond agents guide clients through required steps, pay their bond for a fee, and can apprehend them if they fail to appear in court.