How Can You Benefit From a Worker’s Compensation Attorney?

by | Aug 8, 2014 | Lawyers & Law Firms

One of the greatest benefits a Worker’s Compensation Attorney can offer you is helping you through the appeals process. When you are denied your benefits, it is your right to appeal your case, so it can be heard before a judge. It will be up to the judge to make the final decision on whether or not you can receive your benefits. Fortunately, you will not be required to pay your attorney any fees unless you are approved for your benefits. This makes it much easier for you to be able to get the legal help you need.

There are many reasons you may be denied your benefits for Worker’s Compensation. They can include:

  • Your employer is claiming you were never injured.
  • There is a dispute over when the injury occurred.
  • It is believed your injury did not occur on the job.
  • It is believed your injury was caused by a pre-existing condition.
  • A doctor states you were not disabled because of the injury.

First, you will need to contact the insurance company and find out the reasons for your denial. You have the right to know this information. Once you have found out further information on your denial, it is time to hire a Worker’s Compensation Attorney. The attorney will be able to assist you with the appeal process. In some states appeals are heard before a state review board. Other states have administrative law judges that listen to appeals for worker’s compensation.

No matter which type of situation will occur with your appeal, your attorney will help to gather evidence to prove your disability and will bring in medical records and even medical professional testimony. If your review ends in another denial, you can still appeal your case to the Worker’s Compensation Court of Appeals. Your attorney can help you to continue to appeal, to work towards getting the right outcome in your case.

If you are being denied your worker’s compensation benefits, contact the office of  Law Offices. He and his team will be glad to help you through the process, so you can receive the benefits you deserve.

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