How Do My Current Benefits and Income Affect My Disability Benefits?

Focusing on fighting for your disability benefits likely means that you are thinking about what Social Security can do for you now. However, it is important to determine what your current income and disabilities mean for your potential to gain disability benefits in the long term. Your disability representative in Maryland can help you understand what to expect depending upon your specific situation; until then, this article will go over a few important rules that will be placed on you based on your current income and benefits.

When thinking about your current income and benefits, it is important to remember that the system works according to the most up-to-date information available. Although your current SSI benefits or SSDI are distributed based on your current income and disability situation, this will change if your circumstances change – that’s why you should talk to your representative and file for disability benefits every year.

For example, if you have an illness that is affecting your ability to work in the short term, but is also expected to worsen within the next few years, your current disability benefits will only be distributed based on how the illness is affecting you at this moment; you will be paid depending on what your salary was before you were affected by this illness, as well as what level of work you are prevented from doing at the current moment. However, if your condition does worsen in the future, you should re-file your application for SSI benefits or SSDI, because your circumstances will have changed; at that point, the SSA will review your application and decide what amount to grant you depending upon the new information that they receive.

The important thing to remember is that you should always concentrate on improving your situation and fighting for your benefits in the short term first, and in the long term later. That’s because you know that anything you file for now can be updated later when you file again, and can also be appealed, as long as you have the evidence to back it up. Talk to your disability representative in Maryland about what you can do to receive disability benefits now, and then you can consider how this will impact you in the future.