How Lawyers Boost Your Disability Benefits Claim in Pennsylvania

by | Jul 20, 2022 | Attorney

Individual circumstances will determine if the social security administration (SSA) will accept your widow disability benefits claim. You can reduce the hassle by working with a law firm that engages in social security litigation to pursue the claim as you do other things.

Filing for Widows Disability Benefits in Pennsylvania

You might be the applicant, but an attorney will make the path to reaching the disability benefits smoother by performing the following tasks.

Explain Different Disability Types

You qualify for disability by showing that you have a disability and cannot work. You can benefit through one of the programs below.

• Social Security Disability Insurance

• Supplemental Security Income

Lawyers will explain the two programs, eligibility requirements and how to proceed with a claim for your suitable program. They also inform you about the waiting period.

Prepare the Initial Claim

A law firm helps you to file for SSI or SSDI benefits. They help compile the mandatory information such as period of marriage to the late spouse, age, family and proof of disability. Social security administration requires lots of data, and you risk forgetting something. Your attorney will help gather and organize all essential documents that satisfy SSA requirements. They reduce the burden of submitting documents and communicating with SSA from your mind.

Appeal Rejected Claim

You need to appeal within 60 days after filing for widows disability benefits in Pennsylvania if SSA denies your claim. A law firm provides valuable representation throughout the complex appeals process. Your attorney will break down the reasons for denial, file the appeal on time and ensure that SSA receives all the information they require for reconsideration appeal.

Representation during hearing

A second appeal applies if SSA rejects the reconsideration request. A law company will provide a lawyer to appeal for a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge within 60 days after SSA rejects reconsideration. The attorney will guide you on how to give testimony, gather supporting evidence and represent you during the hearing. An attorney will also pursue the widow disability benefits claim if the hearing rules against you by taking the matter to the appeals council. Attorneys prepare the legal briefs and represent you throughout the process, even if the case reaches the final step of filing an action at the District Court.

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