How to Choose a Real Estate Attorney in Wichita KS

by | Dec 29, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Are you house shopping or selling in the Wichita KS area? Are you looking at renting to tenants or looking to rent a new property? No matter which side of the real estate transaction you are on, you need to make sure you are protected and know what your financial responsibilities are in the case of emergencies. You want to have contracts secured before things happen so you have a clear plan of action in the event of a death, act of God, breach of lease or other unusual occurrence. Housing transactions can become exceedingly complicated when there are multiple buyers or trusts involved. Many real estate purchases require the trained eye of a real estate attorney in Wichita KS to decipher the loans, the environmental regulations, Kansas law and other regulatory concerns.

Drafting and Negotiating Loans

Loans can be wordy and confusing. It’s important to have a real estate attorney in Wichita KS make sure you understand your contracts and help advise you in the negotiating process. Look for a full service law group that has experience drafting loans and working with banking institutions to ensure your process goes smoothly. You will want a firm that represents several banks and are always educating themselves by taking classes on the changing local laws.

Protect Your Real Estate

Another reason it is crucial to get a real estate attorney in Wichita KS is because you need to protect your assets. It is recommended to work with one of the largest law firms in Kansas. They will work on behalf of the buyer or the seller to make sure contracts are drafted properly and walk you through the loan options. Whether it’s interest rates, escrow questions, environmental issues or foreclosure, you don’t want to risk getting in over your head, and a real estate attorney in Wichita KS will be able to explain what your contract stipulations mean to you without playing the guessing game.

Renting Property

Even when renting property, real estate attorneys can help you navigate the contracts. Some rent prices are extremely high, and if you’re the landowner, you want to make sure you have a contract that protects your property in the case of tenants who damage your property or do not pay rent. Other issues such as protecting yourself from anything illegal that a tenant might do is important when drafting your rental agreements. Remember, if your documents are not in place ahead of time, you are putting yourself at risk. The same goes for renters, if your landlord does not supply a sufficient lease agreement, you can request one be drafted to protect your rights as a renter in case of flooding, equipment not working or similar issues. Renters should be aware that a contract is essential to protect them against privacy invasion or improper evictions as well. Fleeson Gooing is an excellent law firm in Wichita that can help with your real estate needs.

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