How to Find a Securities Attorney

If you already have a lawyer, you may want to go ahead and get him or her to do your securities work, however if you do not, you may want to hire a securities attorney.

A good way to find a securities attorney is to call numerous bar associations to get a listing of the securities attorneys that are in your area.  It’s also a good idea to see if you can get a meeting with each one of them for free or a small fee so that you can go over all that you need to and see who can help you the best.  This way you will also be able to see who you actually like the best and who you want to do work for you.  Keep in mind that you are actually interviewing the attorney and not the other way around.  Attorneys can sometimes be a bit intimidating but if you keep in mind that you are the one hiring, it will help you to keep things in perspective.

You can also consult directories of attorneys in your search for a good securities attorney.  You can find a listing of attorneys at almost any library.  It is recommended that you start your search at your local library. There is a directory called the Matindale-Hubble Law Directory that you can search in.  This listing lists each lawyer by state and jurisdictions.

In your search for a securities attorney you can also consult with a few different national bar associations such as the American Bar Association and the Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association to see whom they would refer you to.  The American Bar Association is not going to directly refer you to an attorney but rather provide you with the name and number of an attorney referral service in your area to get you started on your search.  As you can imagine the bar association gets many calls each day for this very thing, so they do not have time or energy to refer individuals.  You will be able to find an attorney to help you with your needs; you just need to be patient.

Once you find a few attorneys that you would like to choose from, remember to set up a meeting with each one.  I would suggest only meeting with those that will meet with you free of charge for the first meeting, this way you do not waste any of your money in the decision process.  Keep it simple and to the point and try not to take up too much of the attorneys time and you are sure to find one that will work hard for you.

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