How To Handle Matters After A Bail Bond Agent in Georgetown, TX Helps You

by | Oct 3, 2018 | Lawyers

A bail bond agent in Georgetown, TX can be used to secure a person’s release after that individual has been arrested and charged with a crime. The amount of money need to post bail can vary from case to case. Two people can have the same charges and receive different dollar amounts for bail. After getting out of jail, it’s important that a defendant knows what to do to avoid problems.

Follow Orders

After getting help from a bail bond agent in Georgetown, TX, a defendant has to remember that they must follow the orders of the court. As with the dollar amount for bail, the terms and conditions can vary. Violating any terms of the release can lead to a person going back to jail. The defendant may or may not get another opportunity to post bail again. If they don’t get another chance, they will remain in custody until the case is resolved.

Court Dates

A defendant must keep up with all their court dates. If a defendant has a change in address, the court might still send important documents to the old address. It’s possible a defendant might not even realize they have a court date if paperwork is sent to an old address. That’s why calling the courthouse is a good idea if a defendant has moved since being arrested and charged. A bench warrant might be issued if a person misses a court date without a good reason.

Staying Out Of Trouble

The last thing that a defendant needs is to get arrested and charged with another crime while out on bail. That can lead to the first bail being revoked and no chance of a new one being issued for either case. A defendant should go out of their way to avoid trouble. That might mean avoiding clubs, bars, and certain people. Even if a person is innocent, they will still have to stay out of trouble.

Anyone who needs help with getting released from custody can contact a company like Williamson County Bail Bond. Companies usually operate 24/7. That helps if a person doesn’t want to spend the night in jail.

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