How to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Mattoon, IL

If you have been named in a criminal case, it’s important for you to take action seriously and hire a defense attorney to protect yourself. Criminal cases can land a person in jail, especially if it’s proven in courts that the accused actually committed the crime. Criminal cases are handled in a very different manner as compared to civil cases. In a civil case, the burden of proof lies on the party that has been accused. However, in a criminal case, the accused is presumed guilty until proven otherwise. So, when you hire a criminal defense lawyer in Mattoon, IL, it’s important that you hire someone with experience. Here are a few tips for hiring a criminal defense lawyer.

Find an Experienced Lawyer

Experience plays a very important role when it comes to hiring an attorney. You need to make sure that you find an attorney who has experience in handling different kinds of cases and is renowned within the field of law. You can ask from friends or family members to narrow down your options. One of the best law firms that you can approach is the Britton Law Offices, LLC. They have some of the most experienced lawyers working for them and they can easily help you with any criminal case.

How Much Will the Lawyer Charge?

Before you hire any lawyer, it is first recommended that you sit down with them and discuss a fee. It’s important that you talk to your criminal defense lawyer and discuss everything before you sign the retainer. Make sure you carefully read the document and the contract to ensure that both parties are on the same page before you sign the agreement. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.