How to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Brockton

by | Nov 16, 2012 | Lawyers, Personal Injury

Being involved in an accident in which you are not at fault can cost you emotionally, physically and financially. The loss of work, hospital and doctor fees and the psychological harm can be far reaching, and it is important to understand your rights. Before you agree to any settlement offer from an insurance company, it is recommended to talk with a personal injury lawyer who can review your unique situation and advise you of which course of action best suits your needs.

Below are three questions to ask when interviewing personal injury lawyers in Brockton:

How knowledgeable are you personal personal injury laws?

Not all personal injury lawyers in Brockton are the same. Most do an excellent job representing their client’s best interests. However, you want to make sure the attorney you hire is fully aware of all laws pertaining to personal injury claims. Every situation is different, and personal injury laws will vary from state to state. Not working with an attorney who knows these various laws and statutes may cost you fair compensation when it is time to settle the case.

How able are you to negotiate for fair compensation?

At the end of the day, the insurance company adjuster’s primary responsibility to is protect the insurance company. Granted, they do not want to see you suffer or go without, but they will not offer up terms beneficial to you without them being strongly negotiated. This is where personal injury lawyers in Brockton excel. They have the knowledge of personal injury laws to make sure you get fairly compensated.

Even if it is your own insurance company you are negotiating with, having a professional personal injury lawyer on your side as your advocate will make the process smoother and the outcome more beneficial to you.

What are your attorney fees?

The general majority of personal injury lawyers in Brockton do work on a contingency fee basis. This means they are compensated a percentage of the final settlement amount, typically thirty to forty percent. However, you want to ask if the attorney if this includes other fees such as court fees. Will they be paid for out of the attorney’s percentage or are they billed to you? You will want to know as these fees can get expensive. Although it is not always the case, if a personal injury lawyer requires a retainer fee before accepting your case, that attorney may not be the right one for you.

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