Hurt in a Bicycle Accident? Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Rapid City

A bicycle rider is in a vulnerable position, when they are hit by a car. They usually sustain serious and life-threatening injuries. If the accident was caused by a negligent driver who was texting while driving, the injured bicyclist is entitled to damages. Those damages are based on the cost of medical care to treat those injuries, the amount of income the bicyclist will lose because of the injury and the pain and suffering caused by the accident. The bicyclist should hire a Personal Injury Rapid City lawyer to file the claim for them.

The claim for damages is filed with the driver’s insurance company. They bicyclist has to realize from the beginning that the insurance company doesn’t care about their stack of medical bills or the pain that they are in. The company exists to make a profit for their shareholders. Therefore they charge high insurance premiums and pay out as little as possible. The first thing they will do is challenge the severity of the injuries and the type of treatment the bicyclist has received. They may claim that expensive medical procedures weren’t necessary and shouldn’t continue into the future. If the injuries are so severe, that the injured person may never return to work, the insurance adjuster will minimize their future earnings potential. They may also claim that the injured person can be retrained and will be able to return to work again.

A Personal Injury Rapid City lawyer will work with medical professionals to show the true nature of the injury and disability. He can even depose the injured person’s employer to find out the functions that he used to perform and why he is no longer able to do the job. He will then have medical experts testify that the problems will only worsen with age. Once the insurance company understands that the injured person’s attorney is establishing a strong case, they will begin to offer serious financial settlements. It’s always the injured person’s choice to accept or reject an offer. However his lawyer has had a lot of experience in these types of negotiations. He can tell them what people in his situation usually receive.

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