Hurt in a Collision? Hire an Auto Injury Attorney in Henderson, Nevada to Receive Compensation

by | Mar 15, 2014 | Lawyers

Injuries sustained in a car accident can severely limit a person for the rest of their life. Constant pain can keep them from working and participating in their family life. Spouses and children may soon tire of being caregivers and their family can dissolve around them. While money can’t help them resolve all of their issues or make them healthy again, it can allow them to have the resources to live as well as possible. They should speak with an Auto Injury Attorney in Henderson, Nevada to determine if they have a negligence lawsuit against the driver or other parties.

A driver who broadsides another car at an intersection, may state that he tried to stop at the red light in a responsible manner. However, his brakes failed to respond. This can lead to a complicated maze of responsibility that an attorney from the Brian D. Nettles Law Offices needs to sort through. If the driver did try to stop, then the question becomes one of maintenance. If the car owner did take their car in to have the brakes repaired, did the mechanic do the job properly. If the mechanic did repair the brakes, then it may become a product liability case, where the manufacturer may not have made the product properly. It’s not uncommon for an Auto Injury Attorney in Henderson, Nevada to have to sort through multiple parties who could have been negligent in an auto accident case. The lawyer will work with forensic engineers to determine if the car brakes had been properly repaired or fixed. He will also look at the quality of the car parts and determine if they were made from the proper materials. They may discover that assembly line workers attached parts together improperly and the company’s quality control program failed to identify this.

However, if the car had been driving badly and the driver did not pull over and have his car towed to the garage, he is liable as well. The injured person’s attorney will file claims with all of the parties to ensure that the injured person receives proper compensation. There can be several simultaneous negotiations for individual liability or negligence claims. Visit website for more information.




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