Hurt When a Gas Grill Exploded? Call Consumer Law Attorneys in Northampton, MA

Massachusetts residents buy millions of products each year. Under the state’s consumer protection law they have a reasonable expectation that the manufacturer has included all relevant information about the product. This includes complete and accurate instructions on how to use it properly. The manufacturer also has to warn consumers about the dangers of using a product. However, this law also known as Massachusetts General Law 93A is a very vague law. Specific language only warns businesses that “unfair and deceptive practices” are illegal. Therefore a thorough knowledge of Massachusetts case law is needed to evaluate a specific situation. Anyone who has been harmed by a product should contact Consumer Law Attorneys Northampton MA for legal advice.

A person, who is injured when a gas grill explodes, will want to visit us website. The lawyers at this Northampton law firm have 50 years of experience defending average people in employment and consumer protection cases. They have argued and won many cases in Massachusetts. They know the latest consumer law jury verdicts and the details of the judge’s instructions that led to the verdict. With this knowledge they can craft a vigorous case against the gas grill manufacturer.

Product liability is a complex segment of consumer law. It can be difficult to determine who is responsible when a gas grill explodes. The first step is for the law firm to hire a forensic engineer to determine what went wrong with the gas grill. They may find that a connection between the gas grill and gas tank was defective. On that basis they file a lawsuit for damages. The gas grill manufacturer says they they did not make the connection, they only used it in their design. In doing so, they relied on the information from the connection maker. The connection maker then claims that it failed because the metal they used was defective.

Consumer Law Attorneys Northampton MA know how to deal with a several manufacturers that all blame another company for a defective product. They will subpoena records and test results from all of the companies. For example, they will show that the gas grill company did not thoroughly test the product to make sure the design was built properly. They will use this information to negotiate the best possible settlement for their client. Click here for more details.