Identifying Legitimate Reasoning Through Defense Lawyers In Junction City, KS

In Kansas, your attorney must present a case based on an identified defense. This defense must acknowledge that you committed the crime for a legitimate or lawful reason proven through this defense. It must show innocence through effective reasoning, or you will face the penalty for the crime identified in your case.

Duress as a Defense

Through this defense, you indicate that you were in a state of duress at the time that you committed the crime. As an illustration, a parent commits a crime after receiving a threat implying that someone will harm their child & if they don’t. In a fraud case, the accused could testify that they committed the crime based on the threat of job loss or further criminal implication.

Using Automatism In a Defense Case

This defense implies that the accused committed the crime due to a mental defect or incapacity. This indicates that the court cannot hold them responsible for their role in the crime due to an inability to control their own actions. This is the primary defense used for individuals who have a severe mental disability. If your loved one has a mental disorder and is facing a criminal charge, you should hire Defense Lawyers in Junction City KS to represent them.

In Self Defense

Self-defense indicates that the accused individual feared for their lives. They committed a crime in the course of defending themselves from another individual who was attacking them or intended to do bodily harm. This defense is used in a wide spectrum of cases to justify the actions of the victim. They may include attempted rape, murder, or assault.

The Age of Responsibility

This indicates that the defendant is charged for a crime at a time in which they are not at an age where they can be held responsible. In most courts, the age limits are based on the crime committed. The state of Kansas doesn’t identify any age which is too young to establish accountability for a crime.

The state of Kansas reserves the right to enforce all criminal laws based on the intent of the accused. However, in some cases, there are exceptions based on age and mental capacity. If you are facing a criminal case, you should hire Defense Lawyers in Junction City KS, by visiting website.