If Your Teen Has Been Arrested For Drinking And Driving, You Need The Best DUI Lawyer In Chicago

Here’s a frightening statistic that parents might keep in mind when sending their son or daughter off to college: a college student is very likely to spend more money on beer than on books. Even if their son or daughter refrains from drinking, at least some of their friends will be drinking. Even worse, drinking and driving will happen all too frequently.

That college student who is drinking may have taken at first drink at the age of 11. When students are proudly receiving their diplomas at high school graduation, consider that about 3 out of every 4 of those students have consumed alcohol. Columbia University researchers estimated that underage drinkers consume almost 12% of the alcohol purchased in the U.S. Alcohol-related fatal car accidents are much more likely to happen when the teenage driver has been drinking. Youth, inexperience, a car and alcohol are a deadly combination.

In light of the above, it’s a good new-bad news scenario when a parent gets that late night call from the police and learns that their child has been arrested for DUI. The good news is that their child is alive and will not be added to the fatality statistics. That child will also not be driving again for quite a while, as their driving license will be lost for at least 2 years if they are convicted.

The bad news is everything else. A DUI conviction will penalize the individual for years to come in a variety of ways. It can impact college admission, scholarships, job opportunities and even housing. They will become familiar with all of the inconveniences experienced by someone who can’t drive and has to depend on family, friends and public transportation. (Needing Mom to drive back and forth on a date will be fabulous…). That is, of course, if a conviction doesn’t involve a year in jail. The court fine and legal expenses for a DUI Lawyer in Chicago will make a sizable dent in the savings account or college fund.

John Fitzgerald Lyke Jr. is an experienced DUI Lawyer in Chicago. He is a former prosecutor who thoroughly understands the criminal justice system and uses this unique knowledge to better defend his clients. Any parent whose child is in trouble for a DUI arrest should contact the office to schedule an initial consultation.