If You’ve Been Injured, Find the Best Accident Lawyer in Casa Grande, AZ

by | Feb 18, 2014 | Criminal Lawyer

An accident happens in an instant, but recovery can take a lifetime. Someone was answering a text while driving, causing a teen to be wheelchair-bound for the rest of their lives. Someone puts off getting the railing on the stair repaired, sending a grandmother of five to a nursing home with a broken hip and spine injuries. Someone is too involved with their conversation to notice the motorcycle in the lane to their right and turns in front of the bike. The rider never makes it home to his pregnant wife. Someone didn’t bother to tie down the load on the truck; something smashes through the windshield of the car behind the truck, causing permanent brain damage to the young mother of two.

People suffering catastrophic injuries and the families grieving the loss of their loved one will never recover completely. Money doesn’t replace a person who will never come back or make daily pain easier to live with. Money will pay the rent and keep the lights turned on. It can ensure a college education for a child. It can prevent the parent left behind from having to work two jobs while caring for the children alone. Money can ensure that the best doctors and treatments are available. Money means a quality of life better than bare survival for the victim and their family.

Choosing the right legal representation when someone Needs an Accident Lawyer is a very important decision. When the insurance company lawyers are deciding on the size of the settlement or whether or not to go to court, they will be thinking about how big a ‘threat’ the victim’s attorney represents. If they believe that the opposing attorney is inexperienced or will offer a weak defense in court, the client will not receive what they are rightfully due.

Cole And Leal is exclusively dedicated to representing those who have been injured because of someone else’s negligence. They also assist people who have been wrongfully denied the benefits they were entitled to on an insurance policy. With 50 years of combined legal experience, Mr. Cole and Mr. Leal are prepared to successfully fight for their clients’ rights. Many of their clients have received seven-figure settlements to compensate them for their injuries. Anyone who has been injured and needs an Accident Lawyer in Casa Grande, AZ should contact this well-respected firm for a free evaluation of their case.

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