Information on The Legal Process Involved With Child Support Cases

If you are dealing with a divorce or if you are not together with the parent of your child, and you want to make sure that your child is getting the type of care and life that they need, then you will want to make sure that you file for child support. In the United States today, child support is a legal act that requires one of the parents, usually the father of a child, who is not together with the other spouse, to pay for certain expenses involved with raising that child. Filing for child support can sometimes be a difficult process, and in order to make sure that you get through this process successfully, you will first want to make sure that you hire a family law attorney for assistance.

Whether you are filing for child support or if someone is asking you to pay for child support; the right family law attorney will be able to help you during this difficult time. First you will want to keep in mind that with child support cases, the court will usually have the final say in how much child support a parent must pay. In states like New York; the law states that parents who do not have custody much give a percentage of their income. For parents will one child, the amount is 17% of their income. For parents of two children; 25% of their income will need to be given. For parents of three children, 29% and for parents of four children the amount is 31%. For those who have five or more children, the amount is at least 35% of their income. This is typically how child support payments are determined.

In addition to these payments, the court may also direct the parents to pay all or a portion of the costs to provide medical insurance for a child, pay for a child’s uncovered medical expenses and for child care and education costs. These are all things that can make child support cases quite complicated. This is also why it is important to hire an attorney right away to make sure that you are getting the help you need to handle your child support case effectively. The right attorney will help make sure that you are getting the best outcome possible in your case, while your child is still getting the support that they need to live the life they deserve with adequate child support payments.