Internet Marketing For Disability Attorneys: Four Things Your Website Needs

You have made the decision to build a website for your law firm, or perhaps you have one that simply needs a facelift. Internet marketing is a valuable asset in any advertising campaign plan. The majority of consumers research online before making a purchase – for products and for services. It is essential that your website provides the information for which an individual is searching to covert the visitor into a client. There are several elements that a good disability attorney website should include.

Individual Attorney Profiles

Your law firm website should have an About Us section that gives an overview of what the firm is like and the services you provide. In addition to this, there should be information about the individual attorneys in your group. Potential clients want to feel a personal connection and know that a real person is going to help them. Each individual’s profile should include information such as education, experience, and any relevant information that demonstrates his or her qualifications.

A Blog

Having a blog section for your website is important, but it must be maintained and updated regularly. Regular updates give search engines more pages to index and are more likely to appear in search results. A blog gives you a chance to speak to visitors in your own voice. Create a list of relevant topics and set a consistent schedule for posting, whether that is a few times per week, every other week, or only once per month. Blogging comes with its own set of best practices, but a few general guidelines include the following.

Use keywords to keep each post on-topic. Make your sentences natural, but professional.

*  Avoid making any claims you cannot support. Cite sources for statistics or newsworthy information. Do not provide information that could be construed as legal advice.

*  Provide information, rather than advertising. Consider topics that would be of interest to your potential clients, such as news on specific disabilities or legislation on the topic.

A Responsive Template

Mobile technology makes it possible for potential clients to visit your website from anywhere at any time. A responsive template is one that makes your website look good on any device – desktop, laptop, tablet, or cell phone. Designs can be created that will function similarly on any device, or you may prefer a template that changes to fit each screen size.

A Social Media Presence

Social media marketing can bring a significant amount of visitors to your disability attorney website. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ give you the opportunity to share relevant industry information and personally interact with potential clients. If you are new to social media, rather than jumping in full-force, choose a single website on which to focus. Look at your referring website traffic to determine if you are already receiving visitors from one of the main social media websites, or choose the one with which you are most familiar.

Internet marketing for disability attorneys can improve your website traffic and draw in potential clients. If you need assistance creating or maintaining a website, a disability marketing agency can create a comprehensive strategy to help you meet your goals. Browse us for more information.