Learn About Lemon Laws

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Lawyers

Many people buy a used car in order to save money. When you buy used, you do not have to deal with depreciation. Buying a used car also allows you to wait and check out all of the safety, performance and consumer reviews of the vehicle. You will be able to get a feel for what people think of it, what kind of maintenance it needs and what its pros and cons are.

Visiting a used car dealership may be frustrating, especially if the salesperson tries to sell you a car that you didn’t want. Their high-pressure tactics could cause you to make a decision that you would not otherwise make. If you buy a car that does not turn out to be what the salesperson said it was, then you may have rights under the state’s Lemon Law. The Lemon Law of Iowa is set up to protect you from unscrupulous used car dealers.

There are a lot of situations that fall under the state’s Lemon Law. If the car dealer changed the mileage on the vehicle, this is a clear case of fraud. If the dealer claimed that the vehicle had new brakes, but it really did not, this is also fraud. We review your mechanic’s report and the information that was given to you by the car dealer. Our attorneys can negotiate for you or take your case to court in Iowa.

When you need to know more about the Iowa Lemon Law, contact us at. We can explain it to you and listen to your situation. Our goal is to protect your rights and hold the lawbreakers accountable for their actions. Call us today in order to schedule an appointment or visit us online at YourLemonLawRights.com for more information about the Iowa Lemon Law.

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