Learn About Unmarried Parents’ Rights With a Family Law Attorney

by | Jul 23, 2019 | Lawyers & Law Firms

Although married couples quickly learn the ropes when it comes to child support, time-sharing, and custody agreements, unmarried parents may not have the same understanding. A family law attorney in Coral Springs, FL, will help unwed parents learn about their rights under Florida law.

Paternity Establishment Via DNA Testing

Whether or not you’re married, you have certain rights when it comes to child custody and support. The chief difference between married and unmarried parents is that an unmarried father must establish his rights through a paternity action. Florida’s family court will order a DNA test to determine the identity of the child’s biological father.

Adding a Name to a Birth Certificate

When a relationship between unmarried parents ends, the mother and father must understand the importance of paternity determination. Mothers should realize that even though the father might not have signed the birth certificate, he can still have his name added. Fathers should know that they’ll have to join Florida’s Putative Father Registry to start establishing their parental rights. A family law attorney in Coral Springs, FL, will put the law into the right context and help you achieve a fair outcome.

Determining Support Details

Parents’ marital status doesn’t matter as far as support is concerned. Children should receive financial support from both parents whether or not they’re married. Before support rulings are made, paternity must first be established. Though Florida’s Department of Revenue will help, they may make inaccurate calculations for support. A parental rights lawyer will use all possible discovery practices to determine both parties’ income.

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