Learning Laws On Dog Attacks And Personal Injuries in Easton PA

by | Dec 30, 2013 | Lawyers

When it comes to personal injuries it’s important to know the law, and it’s also important to know what side of the fence you’re on. Some people find themselves as the victim in certain incidents, and others find themselves as the one who was negligent. In the case of dog bites, dog owners tend to be the ones who gets the attention. Lets take a look at some facts about dog laws and how owners can handle them.

Dog attacks can occur in a number of ways: A dog may have gotten away from it’s owner while out for a walk and accidentally attacked someone. In other cases, a dog that was in an owner’s backyard might have escaped and attacked as well. There are many situations that involve an intruder being attacked by a dog after illegally entering a home. All of these cases can be handled differently with a lawyer for Personal Injury in Easton PA has available. Just because a dog attacks doesn’t mean the owner is somehow automatically liable or negligent.

Practically all cities and states have laws that detail the owner’s responsibility over their dog. Some states require all owners to have their dogs on a leash when they’re walking them and some don’t. If a dog on a walk bites someone in a city that doesn’t require leashes, the specific facts about the incident will have to be reviewed to determine who was at fault. Some cities even outlaw the breeding and ownership of certain dogs, because certain breeds are considered more dangerous.

What do you do if your dog attacks someone on your property? In many cases, the owner of the dog is usually seen as negligent for any injuries sustained by the victim. If a lawsuit were to ever arise, it might be possible to have the owner’s home insurance cover the damages. You might be able to avoid being accused of a Personal Injury Easton PA has if you had hung a warning sign around your yard. However, these attacks are often still investigated by the insurance companies themselves.

In order to avoid being sued for something your dog did, you should pay close attention to the dog laws in your city. If your dog attacks someone, consider speaking with a lawyer to see how you can defend yourself and your dog.

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