Mediation Can Work

If you and your spouse have decided to divorce, you may want to consider an alternative to a court hearing which will result in a divorce. Not only can a court ordered divorce take a long time but it can be expensive. When you are trying to start a new life, you don’t want to be spending a lot of extra money on a lawyer, court documents, days off of work, and even the travel time to court. This can all add up and leave you without the means necessary to start a new life. This can be the case for both parties. If you can avoid this, it is highly recommended that you go through a mediation process. When you use divorce attorneys in Mequon, WI for a mediation, you may be surprised at how much easier the entire process can be. The end result can be a favorable one for both sides rather than one side “winning” or “getting it all.”

Divorce attorneys in Mequon, WI should advise that you try a mediation technique before taking the proceedings to court and a judge. While they may not make as much money on this type of hearing, they know it is a better way to go about the divorce proceedings. If both parties are amenable to this type of meeting, the end results are better for all involved. When there are children involved, the results will be favorable to the family and the children. A mediation is basically a time when both parties come together to discuss how to proceed. Their lawyers can be present and each party will have a list or idea of what they hope to get out of the relationship. Your spouse may want the family car that is paid off while you want the boat and jet skis. You may be able to agree on how to handle the division through drama-free discussion. You may decide that having the kids for certain holidays is more important than others so that will be agreed upon. Once the decisions are made, they are binding just as a court ordered divorce decree but many times the parties feel more at ease with the decisions. It is as though their voices were heard and acknowledged. The divorce attorneys in Mequon, WI will also be able to advise and walk you through what to fight for and what to let go in order to finish the divorce in a more expeditious manner.

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