Meet Social Security Disability In Bolingbrook for the Advice You Need

If you have been injured on the job and the injures are expected to keep you from working for one year, you are entitled to Social Security Benefits. However, being entitled and collecting benefits are two very different events. When preparing to file your first application, you would be wise to contact Nash Disability Law and review your case with the attorneys at the firm. They have attorneys which speak Spanish and Polish. By reviewing your application with this firm first, you have a better chance of filing an application which will be approved. However, a large percentage of applications are denied the first time they are filed. You can file a second time, but the second filings are often denied as well. You will have a better chance of getting an approval if you have an attorney helping you. You can Meet Social Security Disability In Bolingbrook.

Your attorney will gather statements from witnesses and EMS personnel if they were called. He will take statements from the ER staff about your condition upon arrival. If he is permitted, he will take photographs of the accident scene. He will collect all of the information he can from every source available. He will examine the employers worker’s comp filings to see if there is a problem with carelessness. If your attorney can establish a pattern of work related injuries, then he will have more evidence to help you with. You can Meet Social Security Disability In Bolingbrook.

If the second filing is denied, and there is a high probability it will be, then you have the right to an administrative law hearing which is more informal than a court room trial is. Although you can go to this Hearing without an attorney, there is absolutely no need to and there is every reason to have an attorney present. During this Hearing, your attorney will have the opportunity to introduce medical evidence about your disability, and he can also bring experts to testify on your behalf. This is a wonderful opportunity for your attorney to get information to the judge about your medical condition and the prognosis of your injuries. Your attorney knows the rules of evidence and what the judge will be looking for.

You do not have to worry about paying attorney fees from your own pocket because these will come from back money which has not been paid to you.


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