Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer? What to Expect When Hiring Attorney Thomas Kenny

by | Jun 16, 2015 | Lawyer

If you find yourself accused of criminal activity, do not leave your defense to just anyone. Whether you are innocent or guilty, you have the Constitutional right to have a lawyer to defend you in at trial. If you make the decision to hire Attorney Thomas Kenny, here’s an idea of what you can expect.

Before Your Trial

Even before you reach the courtroom, the legal system can bog you down. Attorney Thomas Kenny can help walk you through the steps necessary to navigate the criminal justice system. These may include anything from assisting you to determine whether or not the police have probable cause to hold you in the first place, advising you during the interrogation process, and handling your bail and pretrial release negotiations.

Your representation includes arguing about the amount the judge will set for your bond, and whether or not to release you on your won recognizance. If necessary, he may also walk you through, negotiate, and possibly recommend a plea bargain in your case.

During Your Trial

Once your case reaches the courtroom, Attorney Thomas Kenny will be in your corner still, working hard to make sure that you will receive the best verdict possible. Attorney Thomas Kenny will work with you by discussing your case to come up with the best defense strategy possible. He will represent you through all the stages of trial, from jury selection, to what to plea, all the way to your closing argument.

After Your Trial

Even with the best defense strategies, sometimes juries will vote to convict someone on trial. In these cases, Attorney Thomas Kenny is skilled at negotiating parole and probation, and even getting prison sentences reduced.

With access to such an experienced professional who can walk you through every stage of your encounter with the criminal justice system, why would you trust your life and reputation to anyone else? The law firm of Attorney Thomas Kenny has criminal defense lawyers available twenty-four hours a day to assist you with all your needs whenever they occur. Call anytime to schedule a free consultation and get the best legal representation that Philly has to offer!

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