Need a Truck Accident lawyer in Philadelphia? Call Swartz Culleton, PC

A person seriously injured in an accident needs a team behind him in the moments and days ahead. In the beginning, help will come from a “first responder,” a paramedic or EMT who will begin immediate care at the site of the accident. Next, at the hospital, the injured person needs a staff of doctors and nurses to institute long-term medical care to ensure the best possible medical outcome. Finally, but  sooner than he may realize, the injured person is very likely to need someone else, this time not a medical clinician, who can fight to restore those aspects of his life affected by the accident that are beyond the scope of the clinicians.

That person is a personal injury attorney. For injured persons in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the law firm of Swartz Culleton, PC, is standing by, ready to take the side of persons who have been injured due to another’s actions or neglect. If you have been injured on the job and are unsure of your rights or if your application for workman’s compensation has been denied, Swartz Culleton can explain your rights fully and help you receive the assistance to which you are entitled. If you have been injured through the use or consumption of a defective product–anything from tainted fast food to defective power tools, ladders, and vehicles of all types–a law firm such as Swartz Culleton can help you get the restitution you deserve. A person suffering from long-term disability who has been denied just insurance claims needs an attorney to help make him whole again. The same is true for victims of professional malpractice.

All of these injured persons need help from that final–but perhaps most long-serving–member of their team, the attorney. Whether you need a Truck Accident lawyer Philadelphia or a personal injury attorney elsewhere in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, Swartz Culleton offers free consultations to discuss your particular case and suggest an appropriate response. If you are injured and need this kind of assistance, call them today. They have an experienced staff ready and able to assist you. But first you may want to visit their website, which contains a wealth of information about your rights under the law.