Personal Injury Lawyer in Phoenix and Being Hurt While on the Job

by | Jan 13, 2015 | Lawyers & Law Firms

How many times did you tell your boss that you thought the shelves looked unsafe? He may have ignored you as he continued to stack inventory on the metal shelves. Next, he may have climbed down the ladder and headed into his office to get some paperwork done. Later in the day, he may have told you to get a box off the top shelf and take it to the production area. However, when you climbed the ladder and went to retrieve the box everything may have fallen down. You might have been unconscious as the emergency workers were trying to take the boxes and metal shelf off you. This may be why you are searching for a Personal Injury Lawyer in Phoenix.

Once you were awake at the hospital, you may have learned that your back was broken along with both your legs and one arm. Clearly, you had been through an ordeal, and your boss was nowhere to be found. He may not have even returned your phone calls and later complained that everything was your fault. That is why you need to speak to a Personal Injury Lawyer in Phoenix.

The entire accident could have been avoided by your boss not trying to overstock the shelf. Clearly, the shelf could only handle so much weight. Then he put you at risk for injuries by telling you to climb up the ladder and retrieve a box. You need to find out what the laws has to say about your situation. You can do that when you book a consultation with a lawyer.

You need your job in order to survive. However, you cannot work in the warehouse because of your injuries. You have rights and need to get the answers you deserve. So, stop trying to reach out to your boss and seek legal help today. You can get started when you Click here. Take your time as you tour the site and read the information. It will not take you long to figure out where to get the help you need. After you have toured the site, you can schedule a consultation with a lawyer.




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