Personal Injury – Maryland Facts And Issues

Personal injury can be a legal morass. The term does not refer to a single type of harm that befalls an individual. This is why it is always best to call on an accident attorney In Glen Burnie Maryland hiring an attorney is one of the best ways to help you work through what can quickly become a complex matter.

Defining Personal Injury

When it comes to personal injury cases, an accident attorney will explain it is part of tort law. Under this branch of the law, personal injury refers to an injury that occurs to an individual harming the body and/or mind. Under tort law, it arises out of a wrongful action – either negligent (accidental) or intentional. As a result, the person who is harmed is able to seek compensation for the harm done.

Types of Personal Injury

Personal injury may be subdivided according to the cause. As a result, it may include any of the following:


* Automobile accidents

* Medical malpractice

* Products liability

* Slip and fall

* Dog bites

* Libel and slander

Each type of personal injury requires a specific type of skill. It is essential to have special knowledge or and familiarity with the various demands of each type. As a result, personal injury may require someone like accident attorney to handle the particulars.

Why a Personal Injury Accident Attorney?

Someone who specializes in the field like accident attorney can guide you through the legal specifics that apply to such cases. He or she knows Maryland law as it applies in Glen Burnie and elsewhere in the state to such instances. A skilled and specialized attorney understands the:

* Statute of limitations – In Maryland this is three years and knows how to apply it correctly so that the filing is done in time

* Shared Fault Rules – A concept that states you share the blame/fault for the accident resulting in your personal injury or for the personal injury itself

* Damage Caps – In Maryland, the sum is capped (limited) for non-economic damages in personal injury cases. The specific amount changes every year on October 1

Hiring an Attorney

In personal injury cases, it is always best to hire a qualified accident attorney In Glen Burnie you can find professional examples of lawyers in this field. By hiring someone who knows tort law and the seeming vagaries of personal injury law, you are helping to protect your own interests and promote justice for your cause.

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