Pitfalls of Going Through the Philadelphia Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process Without a Lawyer

by | May 24, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Many people who are going through the Philadelphia Chapter 7 bankruptcy process are doing so without an attorney in their corner. Many people try to represent themselves because they can’t afford the fees that the attorney would charge and still others feel that they can handle the process on their own. While representing yourself is possible, it’s not wise. Below you will find a few of the pitfalls of not having an attorney during the bankruptcy process.

You Didn’t Need to File

Some people have no idea just what it is that Chapter 7 bankruptcy can or cannot do. Many don’t realize that some debts are not wiped out by filing bankruptcy. A reputable lawyer can help you to determine if indeed you do need to file bankruptcy and what chapter you need to file as well.

Failure to File Required Paperwork

Bankruptcy, no matter which chapter you are filing, comes with a mountain of paperwork to fill out and documents to file. If you fail to complete the paperwork the right way or miss a deadline on turning in a document, it could delay your case or worse result in a dismissal. A lawyer will stay on top of that paperwork for you.

Failure to Protect Your Property

Property exemptions are extremely important in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. If you fail to file the proper forms and list the proper exemptions, you could end up losing something that is very dear to you. It’s worth contacting a lawyer to see what your options are for property exemptions, so you can keep that family heirloom or the property that has been in your family for ages.

Going through the Philadelphia Chapter 7 bankruptcy process can be tricky. For help with that, contact the website of The Law Offices of David M. Offen for a consultation.

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