Post-Accident Steps to Take Before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Bremerton

Most of us will be in at least one auto accident in our lifetimes. If you’re involved in a collision, even if you have no injuries, there are certain steps you should take–and some you should avoid. During a personal injury case stemming from a car accident, you can greatly benefit from calling a personal injury attorney in Bremerton.

Don’t Leave the Scene

If you’re in an accident with injuries or serious property damage, you should stay at the scene of the crash until you’re told by the authorities that you’re free to go. If you’re in doubt as to the substantiality of the damage, it’s better to be cautious. When the law says you must wait for the police, leaving the accident scene can result in criminal charges and driver’s license penalties.

Help the Injured

If someone is hurt and you can administer first aid, attempt to help. Never move an injured person, and ask someone to call the police. That person should tell the police that there are injured people, so enough first responders come to the scene. If the accident is on a roadway, turn your emergency flashers on or use road flares to warn oncoming traffic.

Get Information

After an auto accident, you should collect the following information:

Other driver(s): Get their name, driver’s license and insurance information and plate number.

Witnesses: ask for names, addresses and telephone numbers.

Law enforcement: Ask the investigating officers to give you a card including the incident number so you can get a copy of the accident report.

Location: Take notes on the location, road conditions, traffic devices, weather, lighting and speed limits.

The accident itself: Take notes on the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Don’t Admit Fault

Do not admit fault, even if you believe that you are responsible for the accident. There might be unknown factors that played a part, and the other driver may bear more of the responsibility than you do. Do not talk to anyone at the accident scene, except for law enforcement officers. When talking to police, tell them only the facts, allowing them to draw their own conclusions.