Professional and Discreet Bail Bonding in Georgetown, TX

People make mistakes and find themselves on the wrong side of the law on occasion and when this happens they need to understand their rights to arraignment hearing and the bail process. While most people are aware of their right to an attorney they are often not clear on how to go about getting bail for release from jail. Bail bonding in Georgetown, TX works just like any other bond agency in the United States. Bond companies offer bail bonds to those who have gone through the arraignment process, and a trial has been set.

Bail benefits those who have been arrested in multiple ways; trials can take months or even up to a year before they are heard in court and a persons’ sitting in jail have to put their lives on hold. Sitting in jail waiting for a trial takes away from an individual’s ability to support their families or prepare their defense for the upcoming trial. Bail also helps people protect the money they do have, without it all being handed over to the courts for release. Quite simply most people do not have the amount of money required to pay their bail to secure their release. Many judges will set higher bail amounts based on a person’s criminal record and the offense documented at the time of arrest. Making bail can be easy and an agency that handles bail bonding in Georgetown, TX will assist clients with the options available to grant their release.

Customers can choose to use a form of collateral that will be forfeited in the event a person does not make their court date. They can opt for a regular bond with the understanding that does not guarantee that monies will be returned once the trial is over. In most cases, the bond amount becomes absorbed by the courts and legal defense to cover restitution and other costs associated with the case. A surety bond is the most beneficial to customers, it only requires 10% of the total bond and pays for the fee of bail. Williamson County Bail Bond with 24-hour emergency bonding services. They offer discreet business transactions and will assist clients in all they need to regain their freedom to prepare for court and maintain their lives until the date of appearance. They can respond quickly once called and accept collect calls from the jailhouse.