Protect Your Business – Consult A Sexual Harassment Attorney In Springfield MA

Employers have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace for their employees, including prohibiting and preventing sexual harassment. An employer who allows sexual harassment may find themselves paying a very expensive settlement after losing a sexual harassment lawsuit.

There are strategies that an employer can take to prevent sexual harassment in their business. This will undoubtedly be more difficult to implement in some businesses than in others, but must be done. Ask someone who went through the experience of being sued. Even if they ultimately won the case, it was very expensive and took a lot of time away from the business. Losing a case not only costs a great deal of money, but may also damage someone’s reputation and standing in the community.

* The first thing to do would be to sit down and discuss sexual harassment laws with a

* Sexual Harassment Attorney in Springfield MA

* or your area. Discuss possible scenarios; it is likely that the definition of sexual harassment is much broader than expected.

* The employee handbook must have a section covering sexual harassment and stating that it is absolutely not tolerated. Clearly state what actions constitute sexual harassment and spell out any penalties for offenders.

* Establish a procedure for filing complaints and state that complaints will be fully investigated.

* Make it very plain that retaliation against any employee who files a complaint will not be tolerated.

* At least once a year, conduct training sessions for all employees. It is recommended that an experienced professional be brought in to conduct the session. It should cover what sexual harassment is, that the workplace should be free from it, should explain the business’s complaint process and ensure that employees know how to use it.

* At least once a year, managers and supervisors should participate in a training session separate from the one for other employees. They should be educated in how to handle sexual harassment and complaints.

The payoff for implementing these policies and ensuring that they are followed is a much better atmosphere in the workplace for everyone. When sexual harassment becomes an issue, other people tend to take sides. The tension created can really cut into productivity and valuable employees may quit. The Law Office Of Michael O. Shea P.C. focuses on employment law, discrimination and sexual harassment. Take advantage of the knowledge of an experienced Sexual Harassment Attorney in Springfield MA and protect your business and employees.